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The History of a Pilchard Palace - references

References (all internet data was as accessed from the websites in November 2011) 1. 19th Century Property data: From documents forming part of the National Trust deposit for their Cornish properties.

1. Details of the National Trust Cornish Properties deposit are on this national archives page (under ‘Endellion’ properties) –

2. Trevan, J W, 1835: Summary Memoirs of the Parish of ENDELLION Prior to the year 1834. Reproduced by Port Isaac Local History Group, Port Isaac, in 2010.

3. Winstanley, M, 1978: High Tide at Port Isaac. The Life and Times of Warwick Richard Guy 1821-1905. Lodonek Press, Padstow. 46pp.

4. Noall, C, 1972: Cornish Seines & Seiners. Bradford Barton, Truro. 160pp (Port Isaac & Port Gaverne pp142-3).

5. Collins, W. 1851: Rambles Beyond Railways. Richard Bentley, London. (book can downloaded from Project Gutenberg

6. Philip Ball’s evidence to Parliamentary Select Committee May 1817: Parliamentary Reports January to July 1817 can be downloaded as a PDF file from here – (Rock Salt in Fisheries Report is on PDF file pages 130-172).

7. Mevagissey Bank: image from

8. 20th Century Conveyances and plans: From original documents held as part of the management company (Fabletown Ltd) records for Gullrock.

9. Mrs Ashton’s Niece: Personal recollection of comments made during her 1990 visit to Gullrock.

10. Lionel Ashton: Information on death – Information on Drake Battalion and Gallipoli campaign –

11. Evacuee Children: Personal information and photos from Dave Gomm, St Breward, whose late brother Peter was an evacuee at Bide-A-While from 1940 to 1944. Both kept in contact with Mrs Ashton after the war up to her death.

12. St Peter’s Church Reports: From the following editions of the Bodmin Deanery Magazine under ‘Port Isaac’; September 1940, October 1941, and January 1942.

13. Reverend Holt: Marriage – (half way down the very long page). Chaplain to the Forces (half way down first column).

14. Bide-A-While Brochure: Given to me by the late Sheila Jarvis, Port Isaac, who stayed at Bide-A-While in 1953.

15. Mr Ritchie: Promotion to Flight Sergeant – (near top of second column).

16. David Bolton: Personal recollection (with no guaranteed accuracy) of various comments made to me about Gullrock by David Bolton since I moved here in 1988