The History of a Pilchard Palace ...


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1803 to 1920:
Liberty Fish Cellars

Pilchard industry

Pilchard cellar


Mevagissey Bank

1920 to 1957: Bide-A-While Hotel



Conversion plans

1957 to present: Gullrock





The History of a Pilchard Palace

Gullrock, Port Gaverne - 1803 to 2011 by Malcolm Lee

Many of Cornwall’s commercial activities have been represented here, the local people making use of the resources of land and sea: fish, slate, and ... tourists!

There has never been much of a resident population. 160 years ago there were only 35 people living here; now there are even fewer. Port Gaverne was always a place of work for the residents of Port Isaac, particularly the womenfolk.

With the ebb and flow of industrial activity over the years, we have seen adaptation rather than wholesale rebuilding, so that the hamlet we see today has remained virtually unchanged for almost 200 years.


Today Gullrock is a self catering holinday business in Port Gaverne